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How many Bales of bedding do you use a week?

With ECOflax - 1 pallet of 24 bales is enough for 1 horse for 16-18 weeks        1 bale per stable per week top-up

20kg bales of Ecoflax

Day 1: When setting up your ECOflax stable, begin with a clean and dampened 12' x 12' stable and add four bales of ECOflax.

Daily: Make sure to poo pick the stable and fluff up the surface, but do not be tempted to dig into the base.

Day 7: Identify the wet patch (most horses poo and pee in the same spot) and remove the soiled bedding and replenish with half to one bale of ECOflax.

Continue this process for 9 weeks before removing the entire bed and starting the cycle again.

Ecoflax poo picking

ECOflax Super Absorbent Bedding is far greater than the best of shavings!

Our Super Absorbency locks in odours and provides superior foot health and optimum respiratory care.

Our bedding can absorb up to 4 times the volume of any other bedding, keeping your horse comfortable and dry.

Our Super Absorbency also helps to promote better health for your horse by providing a more hygienic and dust free environment.


With our Super Absorbency, you can be sure that your horse will have the best and most comfortable bedding available

KEEWAY ECOflax Equestrian Bedding: Our Affordable Pricing Structure

Northern Ireland - delivered

up to 3 pallet £9.00 per bale 

4-6 pallets £8.85 per bale 

6-12 pallets £8.50 per bale 

Southern Ireland - delivered

minimum 2 pallets €12 per bale 

3-6 pallets €11.75 per bale

7-12 pallets €11.50 per bale

Half and full 40ft trailer loads of 33 pallets can be arranged direct to your yard. Contact me directly for your bulk pricing. 

Due to the nature of the product and the various pricing structures please call me directly or WhatsApp me on 0044 7972 354669 



  • One of a kind, all-natural fibre made from flax stalks

  • Best-in-market absorption properties designed with long-term cost-efficiency

    • 5 TIMES more absorptive than wood shavings

    • 10 TIMES more absorptive than straw 

    • Far less bedding used and considerably less wastage.                                                                             

Extreme Comfort

  • All-natural material creates pillow-type softness                                                                              

Easier Stable Maintenance

    • Superior absorption quantities and odour eating ability

    • Reduces stable odour through moisture-locking and containment, including the ammonia scent of urine

    • Less is more; easy to spread, easy to clean

    • Creates a comfortable surface for a horse to lay on more frequently

    • Minimal- to no-dust-related issues to promote easy breathing 

    • Quick to muck out and a much smaller muck heap.                                                                                        

All Natural and Compostable

  • Fully compostable, naturally biodegradable, non-toxic product that promotes soil fertility and plant growth

Keeway- ECOflax is run and owned by Tim Mckee Irelands only importer of ECOflax. 

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